Metal Art





It has been often said that good architectural design is the result of form following function. A railing, a gate, lighting, or any architectural detail, is transformed into a work of art through the marriage of creative design and quality craftsmanship. The foundation of all metal art is the ancient artesanal craft of blacksmithing: the heating of metal in a forge, the shaping of it on the anvil, and the use of traditional joinery techniques. It is the marriage of beauty, integrity, and purpose.

This gallery of photos, as well as our Home Decor gallery, represents the collective history of traditional metalwork by Christopher Huck, in occasional design collaboration with Laura Fisher. As a body of work, these two galleries show Huck's progressive movement from nautical anchors to fine architectural elements. It is a profound artistic study informed by previous generations and the elemental experience of working with metal, fire, and the human hand.