Metal Art






My work in metal is informed by masters of the past (Kuhn, Yellin, Schramm, Schmirler, Julio Gonzalez, Calder, Nevelson), drawing elegant, fluid lines in space with iron, while juxtaposing the rigidity of metal with the melody of contour, silhouette and space. This work transcends boundaries between artist and artisan, art and craft, as William Morris so eloquently expressed, creating architectural sculptures, or sculptural architectures; drawings in space.

In my sculptural work, often expressed in various metals, my work takes on evolving shapes and forms, revealing the tension between rounds and flats, angles and curves, tones and values, within the static and dynamic.

My current work in oils are varied characterizations and interpretations of contemporary indigenous peoples of the Américas, often juxtaposing ageless traditions and cultures with contemporary impositions.

My textile designs are informed by pre-Columbian, Meso-American geometric designs found in stone or mosaic motifs throughout the central valleys of Oaxaca. My designs tend toward the spare, abstracting single design elements to create spacious expressions of an earlier world perspective.

These works in metals, in oils, and in textiles are perhaps best viewed within the context of a theme of the vanishing cultures and changing human landscapes I encounter throughout my world.