Metal Art






I have been an artist all my life. My career has taken me variously into theater, teaching, and writing (three published books, Weatherhill Inc, NY and Tokoyo).

When I was first introduced to metal, I found it a difficult, stubborn, and eccentric medium. I had, in fact, found my mirror. Working in a milieu dominated by men made my experience all the more interesting, as I pressed my teachers to show me techniques whereby I could bring out the feminine in the material. I embrace flowing forms, action, beauty, and tranquility. I also love the stamina and strength of metal and the fact that it has enabled me to work with communities and groups on public art projects. To work in metal is to leave a message; the medium is hard and durable and will last a long time.

I love painting as well, and in the evolution of both my paintings and painted sculpture, I find myself joining what I perceive as solid with its ethereal and elusive spark.

My last public art project was for the town of Lauderale By The Sea, Florida: a series of colorful aluminum sculptures featuring aspects of the local coral reef. In studio I am currently following themes of voyageur and geography combined with images of feminine history that harken to the past and holler into the future.